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Electricity & Natural Gas Cost Reduction

BUILD an energy profile based on your electronic usage data - This allows us to strategically conduct our RFP process, insuring that we are including all suppliers which have favorable pricing and energy products for your load profile.

PROCURE your energy expense through our dynamic 3 step RFP process, which includes the standard RFP, positive elements of the reverse auction RFP, and final hands on negotiation between the top suppliers.

NEGOTIATE the best terms and conditions into your supply contract. We make sure that all energy components are included in your desired energy product. Contract language will be favorable towards you and not the other way around.

MANAGE your energy on a proactive basis. We will utilize our market intelligence to make ongoing recommendations to further reduce your energy expense.

Invoice Auditing

We conduct an initial invoice audit and present you with all findings. This will include a RATE & TARIFF ANALYSIS which will discover if you are paying for the correct service designated by the utility. We will also proactively monitor your invoices, insuring that the energy suppliers are invoicing you the correct rates.

Energy Conservation

Know exactly what you can implement at your facility to REDUCE your energy consumption. Through our strategic partnerships with the top technology and engineering firms, we conduct a comprehensive site audit. We will provide you with our recommendations and the technology providers that have the most efficient products in the industry. Many recommendations have a pay-back period of less than 12 months.

Demand Response

Receive guaranteed payments from your utility by participating in an energy curtailment program. If operationally, you are able to reduce your consumption when the utility asks you to, you are eligible to receive substantial payments from the utility. You will need a demand response technology provider to help you manage these events. Our role is to negotiate on your behalf with the various demand response companies to maximize your monthly payments from the utility.